Tarot card of fortune with Infinite! Seven mysterious and lucky guys will reveal hints for secrets in mystery love and fortunate energy hidden in your inner selves.


How to conduct the cards for reading

1 Gather the 22 cards horizontally after shuffling them well with a focused mind.

2 Separate the cards into two bundles with a left hand and place them down. The same goes for your partner if there is one.

3 Determine the direction of the card. Place the right corner of the card in front of you when you are on your own. When you are reading your partners card, the left corner should come to your front.

4 With cards in your left hand, place three cards facing front-side up. Be careful not to mix the regular position and the reversed position.

5 Read the meaning of cards using the interpretation table.


O The Artist

The artist-novelty

Regular position: You are full of artistic energy and enjoy challenging and dreaming. A free and unbinding partner will be perfect for you!

Reversed position: Look back whether you were irresponsible over something. When you face the world with more responsibility, your work and love will improve as well!


I The Magician

The Magician – Creative energy

Regular position: You have creative energy fit for a magician! Romance with a respectful partner awaits you. Original idea and plan is a key to success.

Reversed position: Things arent going well and you are getting smaller? Now is the time to regain energy. Remember, love needs steady effort!  


II The High Priestess

The High Priestess – Wisdom and gentleness

Regular position: A wise and gentle heart, full of passion! Success is yours when you put in your efforts with passion! A partner who will enrich your spirit is close to you!

Reversed position: Everybody makes mistakes. Positive karma will come to you unexpectedly when you are an understanding person!


III The Empress

The Empress – Bountiful fruitfulness

Regular position: You are always confident and passionate with luck in work and money. A fateful love will soon fall for you at first sight because you are tolerate and understanding.

Reversed position: Plan everything well step by step. All will go well when you stop being fickle and envious, and assume a more mature attitude.


IV The Emperor

The Emperor –Status and honor


Regular position: Your strong leadership and drive makes you stand out! Wont bold and daring show of affection seem okay from a reliable person like you?

Reversed position: Time to throw away your lethargy for a more positive mind. You also need a considerate attitude instead of pushing for more affection.


V The Hierophant

The Hierophant- sincere advice

Regular position: You give deep confidence to everyone and you are surrounded by plenty of helpful people! A loving partner waits amongst them.

Reversed position: People are my source of energy! Take special care in relationship. Faith opens doors when you are in love.


VI The Lovers

The Lovers – Blissful union

Regular position: Your future looks bright with a chance to set your career and a good partner along the way! With a chance of romantic and passionate love, it couldnt be better!

Reversed position: If you find your daily life tedious and boring, why not find something new to do? Start afresh with a positive mind.


VII The Chariot

The Chariot -victory

Regular position: You are a true victor as everything will smoothly turn out with best results! Actively show affections if you wish to be a victor in love as well!

Reversed position: This is the period when a powerful rival enters the scene. You need tranquility and a rational mind to understand and overcome your counterpart


VIII Strength

Strength - courage and determination

Regular position: Good outcomes will be yours if you put your back into your work. If you are deep in love, show your patience and effort! Your partner will open up

Reversed position: Dont be crushed by any limits and show your endurance. Conceit and pride is poison to love, so be wise!


IX The Hermit

The Hermit - Wisdom and meditation

Regular position: You are wise and thoughtful. A little more effort will ensure your success. A respectful and mature love is soon on your doorstep!

Reversed position: Ease yourself of wariness and open your mind. Travelling with your loved one will be a good chance to understand each other.


X Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune - transmigration

Regular position: You are on the road of transition. Dont miss out on any good chances since this period holds unexpected opportunities for you. The same goes for love. Boldly declare your love.  

Reversed position: Everything requires a process and tenacity. Stick to the steady process instead of hurriedly falling for new love or work.


XI Justice

Justice - Equilibrium

Regular position: Fortune will find its way to you when you stay fair and neutral. You will find sincere and ideal love with a well-balanced mind!

Reversed position: Be aware of being prejudiced or opinionated. You can solve any problems once you right your wrong.


XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man - Suffering and sacrifice

Regular position: You need to understand that you cannot always gain and never lose. You are a devoted lover, unafraid of pain. Marvelous!

Reversed position: It is wise to give-up unavailing things. Quick judgment to move forward will lead you to a brighter future.


XIII Darkness

Darkness – the end and the beginning

Regular position: Remember, everything comes with trials and difficulties. Endure the hard times and you will be rewarded with happiness.

Reversed position: Its the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start anew! Fix tarnished reputation, and be the romantic heroine of a true love story.


XIV Temperance

Temperance -purgation

Regular position: Favorable time like a sail in the wind. Great satisfaction in both work and people relations! Everyday will be happy days since a pure and understanding love find its way to you.

Reversed position: Taking a short break allows you to run further. If you have a long-lasting love, recall your first feeling of excitement and romantic thrill.


XV Shadow


Regular position: Temptation is sweet. Do not try to hold love and work at once, but demonstrate strong will and patience!

Reversed position: Light can be seen from far away, and you are being freed from all hardships. Rid yourself of greed and be humble.  


XVI The Tower

The tower-stability

Regular position: A solid tower never collapses. Come what may; handle it with steadiness and wisdom!

Reversed position: You need a prudent attitude in order to create firm human relations and protect your love!


XVII The Star

The star-hope

Regular position: You are welling up with new ideas and expectation for bright future. And you meet an ideal lover, la vie en rose!

Reversed position: You need a grown-up attitude to face and solve your problems. It will also be good to enjoy your fabulous single life!


XVIII The Moon

The Moon-anxiety

Regular position: Anxiety feels larger than life. If you are cautious in interpersonal relations and have faith in love, your anxiety will feel less significant.

Reversed position: Relax and take a breath, your situation could improve. When it is a hard time for your partner, wait for him.


XIX The Sun

The Sun-life

Regular position: You are active in everything and infinite progress lies ahead. Time for new love for a single and firm faith for lovers!

Reversed position: The way you overcome trials and crisis moulds your future. Turn crisis into opportunity!


XX Judgment


Regular position: Time for dormant fortune to revive. Now is a good time to make a decision. It is also a good time to confess your love!

Reversed position: Doing your best is enough in the moment of truth. Dont look back, put your foot forward!


XXI The World

The World -achievement

Regular position: You have won over all sorts of hardship and you are prone to success! Your love life also looks promising.

Reversed position: Check whether you have fallen into mannerism or lack preparation. Dont forget, certain level of tension is necessary in love!